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Life Expansion After 50
Life Expectancy | Ep. 1

Life Expectancy | Ep. 1

"Adding a Decade: Unveiling the Truth About Your Life Expectancy"

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This is the first video of the Expansion series and also kicks off the Podcast. I will add additional videos before this one when I am ready to provide a proper introduction. Life Expectancy is about the fact that our true life expectancy is older than what the tables reflect.

This is because the Life Expectancy tables reflect the life expectancy of a newborn X years ago. In other words, the tables do not adjust as we age. So a fifty-year-old has survived five decades - that person's actual life expectancy is grossly understated by the tables.

A person who is fifty years old today has an expectancy that is closer to 92 or 93. There is more to it - health, nutrition, exercise, mindset, neuroplasticity, epigenetics and more. In essence, we have tools available to us that can help us live youthful, active lives for decades to come.

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Life Expansion After 50
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